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X-Files 75
From Wednesday 29/7/20. If you want to do well at this game, you need to know how to defend
reasonably well. Having a good system of signalling on defence will get you a long way towards that.
This board was nearly always played in 4S by East. The bidding could have gone a number of ways but
the defence should have gone only one way. Yet, out of nine declarers in 4S, four made five, three made
four, and only two were down one, which is as it should be, given what should be a fairly routine

Board 13 Dealer N All Vul

X-Files 66

The declarer play problem I set earlier was a fairly simple ‘double dummy’ play problem but I made it sound more difficult than it was to make the reader think. Not one of the declarers (at our club) in 4H made twelve tricks. I believe that this hand should have pretty well played itself ‘at the table’.

Board 3 Dealer S EW Vul


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Todays question from Vil

Here are two opening lead situations. Thank you for your input in advance.

!. Teams, all vul

You are SOUTH, dealer West

W        N        E        S

1H        NB    2D     NB

2H       NB     3C     NB

3NT     NB     4C*   NB

4D       NB     5D     NB

NB       NB


Your opening lead from

S. J108

H. A842

D. Q

C. Q10732

and your thoughts?


2. Teams again.  South again

Dealer W EW VUL

Now the answer

Hi all

I am quite, well not shocked, but a least surprised, by many of the answers to what I thought would be a simple bidding question, but also one that had a different slant to it.

The question was what you would bid when partner opened 1NT. You holding was something like:

New question from Vil

Thanks for registering for this exercise. Some of you have still not registered so please do so if you want to be in the group.

Here is the first question, which I have already sent to a number of players, and have received some interesting answers from them.


If you would like to have some input, here is the question, your chance to have an input before the summary..

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Nil vul match points you hold