Bay of Plenty Pairs report for Tauranga 21 May 2023

A very good field of 16 pairs turned out for this, the second round of the Bay Of Plenty Pairs for 2023.  It is great to see players of all grades attending and enjoying the bridge.

The two hands I am highlighting today have the theme of Discipline and Agreement.

Dealer - S             K        
Both Vul                8762        
        A98652                             73    
        A53                                   KQJ    
        7                                      J64    
        987                                  AQJT2    
After Souths 1C opening our agreement is to play weak jump overcalls, defined in our agreement as less than 10 points and a 6 card suit.   We are not constrained by having to have 2 honours in the suit.  Therefore the West hand can overcall 2 spades.  North does not have a bid and East has to apply the discipline.  Even with a chunky 14 count, opposite a maximum of 9 or a bad 10 count they do not have enough for game and should pass. They have no ruffing power, only two spades and wasted points in hearts. Yes, the clubs are good, but if partner has diamonds, entries could be a problem to use the clubs before you lose other tricks. 2S is the final contract, making 2S if the defence is correct.  Making 2 or 3 Spades is the top matchpoint, with N/S able to make 2D, or one away in 3D.  Any higher and you are in the mire.

Dealer - E                92        
E/W Vul                   93        
        Q53                                     KJT84    
        AJ64                                    KQ872    
        A84                                      9    
        732                                      J8    
On this hand, I personally think it is too strong for a weak two opening showing both majors.  Not everyone will agree, but a 1S opening has a much better chance of getting to game in either major. Because of shape, honours and intermediate cards in the majors, I do not consider this undisciplined.
At our table the bidding proceeded 1S, only promising 4, 2D by south, Double by West (could bid 2NT with the D Ace, but having 4 Hearts and 3 Spades seems to veer to the X), 3D by North, 3H by East and West just has to pick whichever Major they prefer.
The play was not a problem with 7 out of the 16 pairs bidding and making game. The rest were in part scores, although making 10/11 tricks.
Not everyone has the same agreements and bidding systems, and there are various ways of getting to the optimum contracts, but on both these hands the opposition will be bidding and it is therefore important to know what you are showing, and to know when to go on and when to stop.