Vil's comments on Cue Bidding

X-Files 58 There are cue bids and there are cue bids, different ones for different occasions. If you don’t play cue bids at all, or play them badly, your bidding becomes much more difficult. If you do play cue bids and pass up the chance, or maybe even ignore the opportunity, you won’t always get the right result. This deal comes from a Swiss pairs match, where getting to the best game is of huge importance. It would also have taken place in match point sessions at other X-Clubs.

From Tuesday 10/3/20 . Board 23 S All Vul

Vil's comments

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RIP Gwyn Burt

For those of you who remember Gwyn, she died on Saturday January 25th

Gwyn requested just a family gathering to farewell her & that’s been held already.