Vil's comments

Grand Master Vil Gravis comments regularly on interesting X files hands - and is happy to add you to his mailing lists for the days that you are interested in

his email is if you're interested in improving your play

see the link below for a larger version

Do you know about Sky bridge?

Lessons, courses, videos and practice hands for beginners and improvers. 

Defending a hand in bridge is the same as declarer play in the sense that you're simply trying to win as many tricks as possible. Learn more about defence and many other topics!

Probably best to link to the home page because pretty much everything is accessible from there:


Once you haveregistered for free you can play the first hand every day or upgrade for unlimited hands.


RIP Gwyn Burt

For those of you who remember Gwyn, she died on Saturday January 25th

Gwyn requested just a family gathering to farewell her & that’s been held already.

2020 Lessons

Margaret Somers will be taking the beginners ACOL lessons this year with the help of volunteers.  

Two sessions per week for 12 weeks - Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm, Friday 10am - Noon

Beginning Wednesday 13th March.  Fees of $70 will include a full years club membership