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Hello Everyone. Click here for the link to today’s Bridge Zone Radio show. This week the Bridge Zone chatted their way through Directors, Squeezes, Points systems, weak and strong no trumps sacrificing and being a little forgiving/caring to new players. How the Bridge Zone team showed its abilities in Huntly. The highlights included a poem to Yuzhong and a special present to Blair.

Fantastic Christmas Party

A fantastic day was had by all the members who came to the Christmas tournaments and dinner. Congratulations to the team who provided the food, it was delicious. The atmosphere was great with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Players of all grades competed and we all had a great time. The winners were Rachelle Pelkman and Bren Briss, with Sue Southern and Ray Oakes close behind them. In third place Christine and Jenna Gibbons., With great Christmas spirit and making a lovely gesture, Christine gave her winning prize, a duck, to another Te Puke member who had not won a prize. 

This week's episode of the Bridge Zone

This week's show includes:

The Bridge Legend, Zia Mahmood continues his chat with Mereana and Barry.

Talking about carding systems, suit preference and his partnership with another great - Michael Rosenberg.
His thoughts on how he prefers to win Bridge and etiquette at the table - some may find this debatable.

Youth Bridge and professionals and amateurs in the game.

Happy listening!