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The declarer play problem I set earlier was a fairly simple ‘double dummy’ play problem but I made it sound more difficult than it was to make the reader think. Not one of the declarers (at our club) in 4H made twelve tricks. I believe that this hand should have pretty well played itself ‘at the table’.

Board 3 Dealer S EW Vul


My apologies for being a complete slug over lock down and not updating our site even once! Mea Culpa!

I am interested to see how many of you have been desolated by this omission as no one has chastised me.

If you are reading this please could you let me know....I am interested to see how many readers my weekly updates actually has


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Todays question from Vil

Here are two opening lead situations. Thank you for your input in advance.

!. Teams, all vul

You are SOUTH, dealer West

W        N        E        S

1H        NB    2D     NB

2H       NB     3C     NB

3NT     NB     4C*   NB

4D       NB     5D     NB

NB       NB


Your opening lead from

S. J108

H. A842

D. Q

C. Q10732

and your thoughts?


2. Teams again.  South again

Dealer W EW VUL

Now the answer

Hi all

I am quite, well not shocked, but a least surprised, by many of the answers to what I thought would be a simple bidding question, but also one that had a different slant to it.

The question was what you would bid when partner opened 1NT. You holding was something like:

New question from Vil

Thanks for registering for this exercise. Some of you have still not registered so please do so if you want to be in the group.

Here is the first question, which I have already sent to a number of players, and have received some interesting answers from them.


If you would like to have some input, here is the question, your chance to have an input before the summary..

Best wishes,




Nil vul match points you hold

To close or not to close

At Mondays committee meeting it was decided that the club continue to remain open while there is no obvious Covid-19 in our community.

With the Mount Club's decision to close today we reviewed that and thought we should canvas the members to see what they thought.

The majority of people who had responded by 4pm to the email that was sent out supported this decision so we have not cancelled play for tonight.

This may change as the situation changes, and any individuals who feel they risk being compromised will doubtless be staying away.

RIP Fred

Just to let you know Jan Hill's husband, Freddy, passed away last night. He
had been unwell & went back into hospital on Thursday night.

Covid 19 precautions

Coronavirus Disease and your Bridge Club


Can ALL members be extra careful and adopt practices to prevent the spread of the virus
These are the main suggested precautions against spreading of the Coronavirus: